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September 13, 2021

Off-grid living is becoming increasingly popular, and many Arizona homeowners are curious about cutting their ties with the electric grid. If you’re thinking about installing an off-grid system, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this type of solar energy. 

What Is an Off-Grid Solar System? 

Most residential solar panel systems are tied to the electric grid, which means they can pull electricity from the grid and feed electricity into it. This allows you to buy electricity from the grid when your solar panels are not producing enough and send electricity to the grid when you’re producing more than you need. 

Off-grid solar systems, on the other hand, are not connected to the electricity grid. In an off-grid system, solar batteries are used to store any excess electricity the panels generate during the day. That energy can then be used to power the home whenever the panels are not producing enough electricity.  You can also integrate a whole-home Kohler generator to help supply electricity. 

What Are the Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Power? 

Installing an off-grid system is more expensive than installing grid-tied solar panels, but for many homeowners here in the Phoenix area, the cost of going off-grid is worth the benefits. 

Energy & Cost Savings 

Do solar panels really save money? Yes, absolutely! Once you go off-grid, you’ll never have to pay an electric bill again—all of the electricity you use will be generated and stored for free by your solar energy system. This protects you against volatile utility rates and will help you save significant amounts of money over time. 

Smaller Carbon Footprint 

With an off-grid system, you’ll be powering your home exclusively with renewable energy in a solar battery system set up or using a minimal amount of gas if you require a generator as part of your system. This means fewer carbon emissions and less overall reliance on fossil fuels. 

Energy During Power Outages 

Grid-tied solar panels are turned off when the power goes out, but off-grid systems are not, giving you access to uninterrupted power during a blackout. 

Power a Remote Home 

Off-grid solar gives you the freedom to live in a remote or off-the-beaten-path location that utility companies don’t serve. Thanks to off-grid solar, you can build your dream home anywhere, without having to worry about access to power lines. 

Elements of an Off-Grid Solar System 

Off-grid solar energy systems are slightly more complex than grid-tied systems, and they tend to be larger. To build an off-grid system, you’ll need: 

  • Solar panels – Solar panels capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. Because off-grid systems need to generate all of the power the home will use, they typically include more solar panels than grid-tied systems. 

  • Charge controller — The charge controller diverts solar power to your battery backup and prevents the batteries from overcharging, which can cause damage. 

  • Inverter – Installing a solar inverter is necessary in any solar energy system. Solar inverters are used to convert the direct current (DC) electricity that solar panels produce into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is what homes are wired for. 

  • Solar batteries and/or generator – Battery storage is an essential component of any off-grid system. Because off-grid systems cannot pull electricity from the grid, multiple batteries are used to allow for ample backup power. You may also want to include a generator in your system as an additional source of emergency power. 

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