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Renewable Energy Makes Cents

Renewable energy for your home just makes good sense; for your budget, your energy future, your energy security, and the environment. Although some solar tax incentives have gone away, there are still many robust programs in place making this a great time to invest in your family’s energy future.

We have listed links below to some of the most important renewable energy tax incentives and rebates from the federal government, state government, and local utility companies. Now is the time to save money on your solar installation — contact us today for a FREE home energy evaluation and see how much you can save!

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Arizona Personal Tax Credit

The Residential Solar and Wind Energy Systems Tax Credit is a personal tax credit available to taxpayers who install a solar energy system at their Arizona home. The credit is worth 25% of the system’s cost, with a $1,000 maximum limit. The credit must be claimed the year the solar system is installed, and any unused credit can be rolled over to the following year, for up to five years. 

Arizona Property Tax Incentive

Thanks to the Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption, you won’t have to worry about your property taxes going up after you install a solar energy system at your Arizona home. The incentive declares solar energy systems exempt from property tax assessments. 

Arizona Sales Tax Incentive

The Solar and Wind Equipment Sales Tax Exemption eliminates sales tax for the purchase and installation of commercial and residential solar energy devices. Some restrictions apply. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit

One of the best tax credits for solar panels, the Federal Solar Tax Credit allows homeowners and businesses to claim a tax credit worth 30% of the cost of their solar installation. This tax credit won’t be around forever — it’s set to step down 2033 and will be eliminated for homeowners in 2035. 

What Do I Need to Claim the Solar Tax Credit?

Claiming the solar tax credit is simple — just save all receipts associated with your solar installation, then obtain and fill out IRS Form 5695 (for homeowners) or IRS Form 3468 (for businesses). Finally, add your renewable energy credit information to your typical IRS Form 1040.  

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Financial Partners and Financing

Energy Solar Providers has partnered with Koala Financial Group to bring you solar financing for a wide range of term lengths and credit scores. If you're interested in financing your solar installation, this is a great option!

Utility Rebate and Incentive Programs

Some utility companies have created solar battery incentives to encourage homeowners to switch to solar and support the grid with battery storage. 

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Energy Solution Providers is a local solar company specialist that understands Arizona solar incentives inside and out. We can explain the incentives available to you and help you qualify for as many as possible. 

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