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Renewable Energy Makes Cents

Renewable energy for your home just makes good sense; for your budget, energy future, energy security, and you are helping the environment. Although some tax incentives have gone away, there still are many robust programs in place making this a great time to invest in your family’s energy future. We have listed links below to some of the most important renewable energy tax incentives and rebates, from the federal government, state government, and your local utility companies. Now is the time to save money on your solar installation, call us today for a FREE home energy evaluation and see how much you can save!

Personal Tax Credit

Property Tax incentive

Sales Tax Incentive

Federal Tax Credit

Financial Partners and Financing

Energy Solar Providers has partnered with Koala Financial Group to bring you solar financing for a wide range of term lengths and credit scores. If you're interested in financing your solar, this is a great option!

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Utility Rebate Programs

Many utility companies have created programs to encourage homeowners to switch to solar. The rebate amounts vary, but some cover up to 30% of your solar solution’s cost.

  • APS – Renewable Energy Incentive Program 
  • SRP – EarthWise Solar Energy Incentive Program
  • Sulphur Springs Valley EC – SunWatts Rebate Program
  • TEP – Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Program
  • TRICO Electric Cooperative – SunWatts Incentive Program
  • UES – Renewable Energy Credit Purchase Program

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