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Many of our customers in the Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima County areas ask us about solar battery storage, wanting to know if it is a smart option for their residential or commercial solar system. As local experts with expertise in grid-tied or off-grid systems with solar battery storage, we’re here to help you understand the unique benefits of having a solar battery backup.

What Is Solar Battery Storage?

Even if you aren’t going off-grid — where battery storage is essential for maintaining constant access to power year-round, day and night — battery storage is an important option to consider as you make the switch to solar.

With a grid-tied system, a solar battery backup allows you to store the excess energy your solar system generates. Then, during times when your system is generating less energy, such as at night or during the winter, your system can use this excess energy to power your home. As with a grid-tied system without battery storage, you also always have the option to send your excess energy back into the power grid for a credit on your electricity bill.

The Benefits of a Solar Battery Storage

Adding battery backup to your solar system can give you access to a number of benefits — especially here in Arizona where warm weather and sunshine are abundant. Benefits include:

  • Available storage for excess energy 24/7

  • Greater energy independence

  • Significantly reduced utility bills

  • Reduce or offset peak demand charging 
  • Backup power during power outages and blackouts

The Best Solar Batteries for Arizona Homes and Businesses

Energy Solution Providers is proud to offer leading battery storage technologies, including Enphase solar batteries and SimpliPhi Power Batteries. Both of these battery storage systems offer exceptional performance and give you access to solar power whenever you need it.

The Energy Solution Providers team can help you decide which type of solar battery is right for your home or business, whether you want to add battery storage to an existing system, replace a failing battery, or install a brand new solar power system complete with battery backup.

Maximize Solar Panel Benefits with Energy Solution Providers

Considering solar battery backup for your new or existing solar system? Maybe you're wondering if a solar battery bank can replace your generator? Whether you’re installing a new system or want to optimize your existing system, we’re here to help.

As solar installation specialists who have been helping homeowners and commercial property owners all over Arizona go solar for over 21 years, we can help you determine if battery backup is right for you and design a cost-effective solution the best suits your needs.


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