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Salt River Project (SRP) offers flexible residential solar price plans to solar customers in Arizona. When you go solar as an SRP customer, you’ll be able to switch to the solar rate plan that fits your needs best. The SRP solar price plan you choose will determine your electricity rates, whether you pay demand charges, and whether you qualify for export credits, so it’s important to consider your options carefully before selecting a rate plan. 

SRP Solar Rates Explained 

With the right plan and technologies, solar is worth it with SRP! SRP offers two types of rate plans for residential solar customers: demand-based plans and export-based plans. Both plan types utilize on-peak and off-peak hours which vary by season. Rates are higher during on-peak hours and lower during off-peak hours for all plans. 

Demand-Based Solar Rate Plans 

SRP demand-based plans are ideal for customers who produce some of their own electricity with solar panels. These plans offer the lowest rates of all SRP residential plans, but they include both monthly service charges and monthly demand charges. 

What Is a Demand Charge? 

A demand charge is a monthly fee that’s included on your electric bill. It’s based on your peak electricity usage during that month and is used to help maintain the electric grid. 

Customer Generation Plan: This plan offers the lowest usage charge rates but bases your monthly demand charge on the month’s highest on-peak demand reading, which can result in very expensive demand charges. You can save money with this plan by managing your energy usage and taking advantage of off-peak hours. It is the ideal plan for homes with fairly consistent energy usage. 

Average Demand Plan: The demand charge for this plan is based on the average of your daily on-peak maximum demand. To save with this plan, you will need to shift most of your energy usage to off-peak hours and avoid running multiple appliances at the same time. This plan is best for homes that occasionally experience large variations in energy usage. 

Export-Based Solar Rate Plans 

SRP’s export-based solar rate plans are ideal for customers who generate most of their own electricity using solar panels. These plans allow for net billing; any excess solar energy you produce will be automatically sent to the grid and SRP will credit your bill at a fixed rate of 2.81 cents per kilowatt-hour. You will be charged for any electricity you pull from the grid, plus a monthly service fee. 

Time-of-Use Export Plan: This plan does not include a monthly demand charge, so you only pay for the electricity you use. However, it has higher usage charges. It is ideal for customers with all-electric or mostly electric homes who want a simple approach to their energy management. 

Electric Vehicle Export Plan: The Electric Vehicle Export Plan includes super-off-peak hours from 11pm to 5am to allow for low-cost EV charging. Like the Time-of-Use Export Plan, this plan does not include a monthly demand charge but has higher usage charges. 

We Can Help You Save Money with Solar Panels in AZ 

Energy Solution Providers is a leading solar panel installer in AZ that’s been in business for over 22 years. We help our customers save as much money as possible with their solar installation and can recommend the best SRP rate plan for your home based on your lifestyle, energy usage, and energy production capabilities. 

With the right solar technologies, like solar batteries and demand managers, you can maximize your solar savings with SRP. Energy Solution Providers is here to answer your questions about going solar with SRP and help you make the best choice for your home. 

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