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hands and financial documents
April 9, 2021

Get the low-down on solar loans, from what they are to how they work and which options may be right for you. Energy Solution Providers answers common questions about solar loans and talks about the many options available through our trusted... Read more

Solar battery charging wall in a garage
March 26, 2021

Without battery storage for your solar energy system, you're losing half the battle! Arizona's first solar battery pilot program has launched and can help you save significantly when you have a solar battery installed. Learn what the program... Read more

Man looking for the solar tax credit online
March 18, 2021

Find out how you can claim your solar tax credit for residential solar with this easy-to-follow guide from the solar expert team at Energy Solution Providers. We're a leading solar energy installer in Arizona and we're here to answer any... Read more

tax credits and calculator
March 12, 2021

Buried at the end of an otherwise not great year was a glimmer of hope for home and business owners interested in going solar in 2021—there’s been a change to the ... Read more

solar panels on the roof in Arizona
December 30, 2020

Save money on solar installation costs with big solar incentives and tax credits in 2021! Energy Solution Providers explains how you can get the new year started off right for your Arizona home by upgrading to solar energy and taking advantage of... Read more

AZ home with solar panels
December 7, 2020

Compare the pros and cons of a solar battery storage system for your Arizona home or business. Learn more about the benefits of energy storage, including greater energy independence, avoiding expensive utility bill charges, and solar tax credits... Read more

Solar panels on a roof in Arizona
October 23, 2020

Learn why solar power is the smart choice for Phoenix & Chandler AZ homeowners. From tax incentives to long term energy savings, Scottsdale residents are investing in high efficiency solar panel systems—reach out to the solar experts at... Read more

solar panels being installed on a roof
October 13, 2020

Learn how solar energy can reduce your energy costs for decades, and how adding a solar battery backup to your solar PV system can provide energy independence. Take unpredictability out of the equation when it comes to the energy you use in your... Read more

solar panels being installed on a roof
October 7, 2020

Learn more about how long the typical solar installation process takes for residential and commercial solar energy systems. Energy Solutions Providers lays out the average time for each step of the process, and explains how you can maximize your... Read more

couple looking at a computer
September 25, 2020

Learn why 2020 is the year to save when going solar here in Arizona. The Federal solar tax credit is set to reduce after 2020, and will be gone by 2022. Energy Solutions Providers is a professional solar installation company in Phoenix, AZ that... Read more