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February 9, 2024

The promised savings and sustainability that solar panel installation offers homeowners in Arizona can make them alluring. But if you’re going to be responsible about your investment in solar panels, it’s important to understand the ongoing requirements and costs associated with solar maintenance and repair. 

Here are the answers to the common myths and hang-ups we hear about solar panel maintenance in Arizona. 

Myth: Solar Panels Require a Lot of Regular Maintenance

In general, solar panels require minimal servicing and can often go years without needing professional attention. Solar panels do not have any moving parts, so a well-designed and installed solar panel system should require very little maintenance over its lifespan. 

When solar maintenance is required, which Energy Solution Providers recommends every two to five years, it typically involves regular cleaning to remove dust, dirt, and debris, which can accumulate over time in Arizona's dry and dusty environment, especially during long droughts.

Proper solar maintenance also includes checking the panels for any physical damage, ensuring all connections are secure, and monitoring the system's performance to detect any efficiency drops, which could indicate underlying issues. 

Myth: Arizona’s Hail Damages Solar Panels

While there are still extreme cases of solar panels being damaged by hail, most panels are manufactured and tested to withstand one-inch hail up to 50 mph (this varies by solar panel manufacturer). 

At Energy Solution Providers, our experience as solar panel maintenance experts in Arizona has sharpened our design process, meaning we only install solar panels that will most effectively combat the weather challenges of Arizona’s climate and reduce maintenance costs.

Myth: Solar Maintenance Costs Too Much to Make Solar Panels Worth It

Generally, annual maintenance costs are low for solar panels. Many systems can go years without requiring maintenance, and if you monitor your solar energy efficiency and production regularly, you will know when it is time to call for professional solar maintenance. When compared to the amount of money you save on energy costs over the lifetime of your solar PV panels, maintenance costs are worth it. 

Myth: You Can Do Solar Maintenance Yourself

It’s often the case that rain does enough to wash away the film or debris that accumulates on your solar panels, so solar maintenance can sometimes be left to the elements. However, when it comes to climbing up on roofs to clean roof-mounted panels, that should be left to professionals with safety training (and insurance!).

Myth: Solar Panels Do Not Come With Warranties

Most providers offer a warranty for the panels, with the industry standard being 25 years. Additionally, some offer maintenance and service plans as part of the installation package or for an additional fee. While solar production and energy uses vary by household, this 25-year warranty is often more than twice as long as it takes to pay back the installation costs of solar. 

Myth: Dirty Solar Panels Can’t Produce Electricity

Any debris on the surface of a solar panel will indeed reduce its energy production, but solar panels do not need 100% direct sunlight to start converting sunlight into electricity. Solar panels will still produce electricity when it is cloudy outside or the panels themselves are a little dirty, just less than they will when they are clean or in direct sunlight. Designing your solar PV system to meet all of your energy needs is the job of an experienced local solar company, where local weather and debris issues are taken into account before installation. 

Myth: There are No Good Solar Panel Companies in Arizona

There are in fact several good solar installation companies in Arizona—Energy Solution Providers included. You can check by looking for providers with a strong local track record. Check their certifications, customer reviews, and experience in the field. A good service provider should be transparent about their pricing and offer detailed information about their maintenance procedures. We believe you always have the right to be informed about your solar installation and maintenance process!

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If you need solar panel maintenance in Arizona, Energy Solution Providers is here for you! We offer professional solar maintenance services, from routine maintenance to system troubleshooting and repair. 

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