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November 1, 2018

Here in landlocked Arizona, we are isolated from a lot of the natural disasters that plague North America. We are outside of the reach of tornado alley, hurricanes rarely affect the Pacific Ocean and when they do, they can’t make the journey through California to Arizona. But our location doesn’t entirely protect us from the most common symptom of natural disasters: unexpected power outages.

Regular storms, microbursts and equipment wear and tear can still leave your home without power, and without notice. The first measure most homeowners think of when it comes to keeping the lights on during a power outage is a backup generator, and that has historically been the most popular solution. But as solar energy has moved from the “wave of the future” to the “technology of today,” battery storage is becoming the environmentally conscious solution to keeping the lights on in a power outage and conserving electricity all year round.

Battery Storage vs Backup Generators

Backup generators are an appliance installed outside of your home, in-line with the power provided from the local power utility company. Some have sensors that will detect when there is an interruption in power and kick on immediately so that there is no power loss in your home during an outage. Generators run on combustion fuel, so they require either natural gas, diesel, or propane in order to generate electricity.

Battery storage systems however, are powered by the sun. Solar panels mounted on your roof or on your property send electricity to a charge controller, and then to an array of batteries that are safely installed somewhere in your home (the garage is a popular place for most battery storage systems). The main reason for a battery storage system is to harness the excess energy that is harnessed by your solar system during the day, for use at night. But since this is an off-grid system, homes that use battery storage systems are insulated from unexpected power outages!

The Benefits of Solar Battery Storage Systems

Backup generators are loud, expensive to run, require regular tests to ensure proper operation, and are not considered environmentally friendly. But those aren’t the only reasons that solar battery storage systems are becoming a popular replacement for generators. Solar power has year round benefits for your home energy consumption, such as:

  • Greatly reduced energy costs

  • Protection from power outages & brownouts

  • Reduced carbon footprint & environmental impact

  • Increase in your home’s value

  • Net Metering capability


  • Dependent on fossil fuel
  • Loud operation
  • Only used in a power outage

Battery Storage System

  • Provides green solar energy day & night
  • Runs year round
  • Reduces your reliance on the power grid

Arizona Energy Independence, with Energy Solution Providers

As you are looking to go solar in Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima Counties, consider a integrating battery storage system. Battery storage is the key to energy independence here in Arizona, and your energy independence starts with the solar contractor that has been trusted statewide since 2002. We can answer all of your solar questions with our Solar 101, and if you still need answers we have a solar specialists standing by to talk to you. Even if you’re looking for a commercial solar contractor, Energy Solution Providers has got you covered.

Discover the peace of mind and energy savings that off-grid solar provides. Call the trusted Arizona solar experts at Energy Solution Providers for your free quote! Call 520-868-0700 or contact us today.