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Kohler Residential Home Generator for Arizona



Your Unstoppable Power Source


During an outage, your food is the first thing to go. Its an inconvenience for your family and a lot of hard-earned cash down the drain. The good news with a standby generator your power won’t miss a beat and your food won’t spoil.




Electronics, TV Graphic



TV, tablet, computer; many people have offices at home and you want to keep working even when the power is off. Your Internet and electronics keep you connected to the world, your office, and what you love to do. With a Kohler standby generator you keep them powered and protected from erratic power surges.


AC & Heater Temp Gauge
Whether it’s the dead of winter or the hottest days of summer, your HVAC is what keeps your family comfortable and your home protected. With a Kohler standby generator your family and pets are comfortable even when the power grid is down.



Arizona Light Bulb
You need light. Kohler standby generators provide continuous power during a power outage. Within seconds of sensing a power outage your Kohler generator  switches your home from AC power to reliable Kohler standby power with no interruption to your lifestyle.



Running Hot Water

Running water is important—you need it for drinking, cleaning and flushing.  If your home depends on well water or a sump pump, a Kohler standby generator keeps everything working. That means faucets, toilets, showers, washing machine, well, sump pump and more keep on working when the power is off.



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What is a standby generator?

Kohler Standby Generator ImageA standby home generator keeps your power on during an outage. It’s installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically — whether you’re home or away. All within seconds of a power outage.

Plus home generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no refueling.





Kohler Generator Transfer Switch

Easy as 1,2,3-You Have Power

Automatically starts and restores power in seconds with no disruption to your life. Kohler generators power your home, including critical hard-wired systems like AC, heat, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems and large appliances.

No refueling — runs on your home’s natural or LP gas. Kohler delivers high-quality power you can count on that won’t harm your electronics.

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