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Black Diamond Solar Panels-Solar Info Basics


Energy Solution Providers installs the most state-of-the-art solar panels available today in Arizona. We use Black Diamond Solar Panels exclusively for our residential solar installations. We chose Black Diamond Solar Panels after years of experience in engineering, electrical contracting, and solar installations of all sorts for the following reasons:

Black Diamond Solar Panels

  • Invisible Cell Lines -Black design offers industry leading aesthetics.
  • All Weather Performance-Extraordinary results in all conditions.
  • Outstanding Performance in Arizona High Heat Conditions-Black Diamond Solar Panels have a lower than industry average temperature coefficient that leads to increased power output at high temperatures.
  • Exceptional Shading Performance-The unique cell architecture leads to higher kWh generation in shade conditions allowing denser deployment. Shading 50% of a Black Diamond module leads to a 50% reduction in power output compared to a 98% output reduction for typical crystalline silicon modules.
  • Monolithic Integration-Black Diamond’s product is monolithically integrated and not made from individual cells. This enables streamlined high-yield production, flexibility in product design, and superior reliability.
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty-Glass-glass encapsulation is widely considered the only reliably bankable configuration for thin film modules. The high-transmission, tempered glass used in Black Diamond’s modules is designed to withstand heavy snow fall and high winds. The edge of the module is sealed with high quality butyl rubber that allows the module to exceed the 25-year warranted lifetime of the product.


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Inverter Facts-Maximize Your Solar Output

Sonny Boy inverters represents the next step in performance for UL certified inverters. Its transformerless design means high efficiency and reduced weight. Maximum power production is derived from wide input voltage and operating temperature ranges. Multiple MPP trackers and OptiTrac™ Global Peak mitigate the effect of shade and allow for installation at challenging sites.

Maximum Power Production

  • Shade management with OptiTrac™ Global Peak MPP tracking
  • Broad voltage range enables production under a variety of conditions
  • Extended operating temperature range allows for extended daily production

Watch the Sonny Boy videos to see why they out perform the competition.

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We Install Solar Everywhere

One of our newest installation projects is installing a solar outdoor entertainment area for a client totally powered by solar. You can count on Energy Solution Providers to bring you the latest innovative solar products.

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