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Developed by a global brand that you know and trust, LG solar panels are the cumulation of more than 30 years worth of solar research and development. They offer the very best in efficiency, performance, durability, and warranty, and are everything a premium solar panel should be. Thanks to the exceptional quality of their solar energy products, LG Solar is recognized as a Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer. 

Here at Energy Solution Providers, we’re committed to installing high-performing residential and commercial solar energy products that are built to last, and as an LG Pro Solar Installer, we proudly recommend LG solar panels for your Arizona home or business. 

LG Solar

Why Choose LG Solar Panels? 

High-Efficiency Modules

LG solar panels are small but mighty. They produce more power than lower-efficiency solar panels of the same size using the same amount of sunlight, so you get more energy from fewer panels. Their ultra-efficient operation makes LG NeON® 2 solar panels ideal for smaller roofs and roofs that have some shading. They also leave plenty of room for expanding your solar power system in the future. 

Long-Lasting Performance 

All solar panels degrade over time and produce less and less electricity as the years go by. LG solar panels are specially designed to prevent degradation and typically experience 10% less degradation than conventional solar panels over the warrantied system lifespan. 

LG solar panels also perform exceptionally well on hot days. They have a low temperature coefficient, which refers to the percentage of power output that’s lost as temperatures rise above 77° F—an important consideration here in sunny Arizona. 

Extreme Durability

LG solar panels are strong enough to withstand constant exposure to the elements. LG NeON® R solar modules feature a reinforced frame design and can withstand winds up to 180 mph—that’s higher than the maximum wind speeds recorded during Hurricane Katrina. 

25-Year Warranty 

When you go solar, you want to do so with a company that believes in its own products. LG Solar stands firmly behind its solar systems with a 25-year limited warranty that covers product, performance, and labor for the ultimate peace of mind.



LG Solar Panel Home

How Do LG Solar Panels Work? 

LG solar panels use advanced solar technology to capture energy from the sun and transform it into electricity. The best-selling NeON® 2 solar panels feature award-winning Cello Technology™, which uses thin, circular wires to scatter light more efficiently than traditional flat wiring. The premium NeON® R solar panels feature Back Contact Technology, which eliminates shading and increases output by locating all electrodes on the backside of the solar module. 

Want to learn more about LG solar panels? Download the LG Guide to Going Solar. 



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