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December 31, 2019

Most people are aware of the many environmental benefits of solar power, but there are a number of misconceptions and questions we still hear, like, “Do solar panels work on overcast days?” or, “Are solar panels too expensive for me?” Today, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common solar myths and try to debunk them once and for all.

Solar Myth #1: Solar Energy Costs Too Much

One of the most persistent myths about solar panels for your home is that solar power is still too expensive for the average homeowner to afford.

The data tells a different story. In fact, over the last 10 years, the cost to install solar has dropped over 70%, according to data from SEIA. Plus, beneficial solar financing and incentives like the federal solar tax credit (which offers homeowners as much as 30% back in the form of a federal tax credit) or local Arizona solar tax credits make solar power savings easier and the upfront investment more affordable than ever.

Solar Myth #2: Solar Panels Are Not Green Energy

Solar energy is sometimes criticized for not being a completely green energy source, because of the pollution and CO2 associated with the manufacturing of solar panels (silicon in particular).

But looking at the big picture, solar energy is, by far, a much “greener” energy source than any fossil fuels. According to the Department of Energy, the energy used to create your solar panel system will be recouped after an average of 2 to 3 years, and with solar panel systems lasting for decades, the environmental benefits of harnessing this clean renewable source far outweigh the upfront manufacturing.

Solar Myth #3: Solar Panels Don’t Pay for Themselves

Another persistent rumor is that the money you save on your electricity bills over the lifespan of your solar panels isn’t enough to offset the upfront cost. So, are solar panels worth it?

As we’ve debunked in Solar Myth #1, the upfront cost of solar installation has dropped significantly, meaning that despite the variables that could affect your annual solar savings (the average electricity your system generates and overall home energy use being two major factors), it will take less and less time for you to earn back upfront costs. On average, most homes will break even after roughly 10 years. And once you’ve paid off your system installation costs, you’ll be looking at potentially decades of free solar energy for your home.

Solar Myth #4: Solar Panels Are Unreliable

“Don’t buy solar panels,” you may have heard before. “They’re unreliable and don’t produce the electricity they claim they will.”

While it’s true that your solar panels won’t be producing electricity at night, and the efficiency of your system will be somewhat diminished depending on the weather, those aren’t unforeseen circumstances, and the downsides to solar panel energy production are greatly exaggerated.

Do solar panels work on cloudy days? Yes!

Do solar panels work in winter? Yes!

Any reliable solar contractor will take into consideration that your solar panels won’t always be operating at peak efficiency, and will help design a system that will maximize your solar panel energy savings no matter how many rainy days there are in a year.

Plus, adding solar battery storage to your system allows you to store excess energy produced during sunny days and use it when your panels aren’t generating enough electricity to keep up with your home’s energy usage. Which brings us to our last myth...

Solar Myth #5: Solar Batteries Are Too Expensive

Solar batteries are one of the more expensive components to consider when looking at installing a home solar system. However, many residential solar systems offer plenty of benefits without one! 

How Do Solar Panel Batteries Work?

With a grid-tied system, the electricity your system generates is sent back to your utility company, and you’re given credits for the number of kWhs. This way, as long as your home has access to utility power, you have reliable electricity in your home, and you’ll get to use every bit of electricity your solar panels are able to produce over their lifetime.

But solar batteries do come with many advantages. With battery storage, you can run your home completely on the renewable energy your solar panels generate, and you’ll never be stuck without power during unexpected (or even planned) outages. And like solar panels, with improving technology solar batteries are easier to afford every year.

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