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February 4, 2020

Technology fads can come and go, and the “next big thing”, must-have gadget, or shiny piece of technology can turn out (in hindsight) to be little more than a lot of hype: You’re more likely to remember hoverboards as that thing would catch fire at random than remember them as a worthwhile investment.

So it’s easy to understand why, if you’re a homeowner in Arizona concerned about your energy costs, you may be on the fence about residential solar installation and wondering, “Is solar the future of Arizona?” Before you make such an important investment in your home’s energy, here’s the information you need to know about the longterm viability of solar energy and where the solar industry is heading in the future.

Where Solar Energy Is Now in Arizona

By any criteria, Arizona is playing an increasingly important role in the US solar industry. According to SEIA, Arizona ranked 3rd out of the 50 states in 2019 in total solar power installed —3,913 megawatts—compared to 9th in 2018.

Also worth pointing out from that same SEIA study is that the price of solar power in Arizona has decreased by more than a third in the past five years—36%! The cost of solar installation in the Grand Canyon state is one of the key selling points for many homeowners—especially due to rebates and Arizona solar tax credits like the Federal Solar Tax Credit, as well as solar financing for Arizona solar installation.

Where Solar Energy in Arizona Is Heading

So what will happen with solar panels in Arizona moving forward? There are two areas we believe will play a significant role in the solar power industry over the course of the 2020s:

Rise in solar battery storage

Grid tied solar systems will continue to be popular options for homeowners, but there will also be an increase in interest for solar power with battery backup systems. For people wondering, “Can solar panels be used during a power outage?”, solar batteries are the answer! Solar panel systems with battery storage can help you use the power generated by your system day or night, which will help you achieve greater energy independence and lower utility bills.

Solar panels will become more efficient and less expensive

As solar photovoltaic (PV) technology continues to advance, solar power will continue to become more efficient (meaning you’ll need fewer panels to produce the same amount of power for your home) while the price of solar installation will become more and more affordable.

Look to the Future with Solar from Energy Solution Providers

Now is the best time to make the switch to the renewable energy of solar power. If you’re looking for the best solar panel installers for your Casa Grande or Florence home, reach out to Energy Solution Providers.

As a leading solar company in AZ, we pride ourselves on residential as well as commercial solar installation. Whether you’re looking for a grid connected solar power system or are interested in going off grid completely, we have affordable solar solutions for AZ homes and businesses, so schedule your free solar quote today.

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