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August 18, 2023

If solar panels aren’t viable for your home or you just aren’t quite ready to get started with solar panels, it’s still possible to gain some energy independence with battery storage. Standalone batteries are a type of energy storage system that will recharge from the grid to be used during an outage or peak demand times.

At Energy Solution Providers, we believe that solar plus battery storage can provide the most benefits when used together—but we also understand that each home is different. We want to help Arizona homeowners become more energy efficient and independent, even if solar panels aren’t for you. Keep reading to learn all about battery storage, its benefits, and how to get started with installation. 

How Standalone Battery Storage Works

Most battery storage systems are combined with commercial or residential solar panels. In these cases, any excess energy generated can be stored for times when solar panels  can’t produce enough electricity—like at night or on cloudy days. Solar plus battery storage optimizes both technologies and allows you to bring free, renewable energy into your home. 

Standalone battery storage works in a similar way, with the only difference being that the excess energy that charges the battery comes directly from the grid. Since the battery gets its charge from the grid instead of solar energy, you will be charged by your electricity provider for that energy on your monthly bill.  

There are benefits to both, however, you will get more from your investment by pairing solar panels with battery storage.

Benefits of Adding Solar Battery Storage to Your Arizona Home

Battery storage has many benefits for your Arizona home. 

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Battery Storage

Many electricity providers in Arizona charge time of use (TOU) rates, meaning your electricity rates vary depending on the time of day—and they’re typically more expensive in the evenings. By installing solar plus battery storage for your home, you can avoid the higher rates by using stored solar energy at night. 

Standalone batteries can also help you avoid TOU rates. You can charge your battery system from the grid during off-peak times to use when the rates go up—giving you energy flexibility to adjust when you use energy from the grid. However, you will still have to pay for the grid power you use to charge your battery. 

Home Battery Backup Means Blackout Protection

With summers in Arizona getting hotter every year, more and more homes rely on air conditioning to stay comfortable. Unfortunately, all of that electricity usage also makes us vulnerable to blackouts—which can be dangerous in the high temperatures. Installing battery backup in your home will give you backup power when the grid goes down. 

Battery Storage Qualifies for Solar Incentives!

Backup batteries can help you avoid higher electricity rates and blackout protection, and they also create a more reliable electric grid system for your community. Since battery storage helps take excess pressure off of the grid during high-demand times, they also help to maintain a balanced system that allows everyone to have access to it—which is now more important than ever with the state’s rising temperatures. 

Since the benefits of battery storage systems also make the country’s switch to renewable energy easier, they qualify for the federal solar tax credit! Homeowners can reduce their federal tax liability by 30% of the total cost of battery storage installation, making more reliable electricity that much more accessible as well. Standalone solar batteries, solar panels, and solar panel plus battery systems are all eligible for the solar tax credit.  

Energy Solution Providers: Your Source For Energy Independence

Energy Solution Providers can help you find the best solar energy and/or battery backup system for your home. We install industry-leading storage technologie like Enphase solar batteries, Duracell Energy Bank, and SimpliPhi Power Batteries. With over 21 years of experience, Energy Solution Providers helps Arizona homeowners and businesses with energy independence and has become the trusted name in solar energy throughout the state. 

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