Solar Chill Evaporative Coolers



SOLAR CHILL: The Most energy efficient coolers in the world!

Ultra-low energy use evaporative coolers

Imagine cooling your garage with our 18” model up to five hundred square feet to below 82 degrees for under eleven dollars per month of electricity.* Or add one 175 watt solar panel and use zero power from your utility company.

Or with our 24” model you can cool one thousand square feet of area for under fifteen dollars per month.* Or use two solar panels.

You can cool off a hot shed, play house or dog house up to three hundred square feet without the cost of running electricity lines. Just add a solar panel and it will keep things cool!

Manufactured in the United States by for more than nineteen years.
Made from the highest quality materials including stainless steel shell to last for years in any environment. All Solar Chill units come with two speeds.

See chart below for performance information.

Prices starting at:

Unit Size

Square feet of Area cooled

Price starting

at **

Shipping Method


Up to 300




Up to 500




Up to 1000



Solar Control




AC unit control




Air Diffuser Grill




* Based on twelve cents per kilowatt hour electricity rate running 24 hours per day
** Freight and Taxes not included


Designed for Arizona Climate

Using our evaporative cooling products which are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, green living, and purchasing one of our products. Energy Solution Solar is committed to SUSTAINABLE technology that will preserve the Earth for our Children’s Children.  Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions; use evaporative cooling solutions!

Cooler Performance in Relation to Humidity & Temperature

This chart gives the optimal predicted cooler performance in relation to the outside humidity and temperature. To find out if evaporative cooling will work well in your area/region, locate your average afternoon temperature and co-insident relative humidity, then locate the cooling level that may be on this chart. Please note the difference in performance between 8″ pad media and 6″ pad media.


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