Group Discount

Solar Energy Group Discount for Arizona Homeowners

Group Discounts on Solar Installations

Energy Solutions Solar provides group discounts to homeowner’s groups. We give each homeowner a discount towards their solar installation when at least 3 homeowners have decided to purchase a solar installation from Energy Solution Solar from the same home subdivision, have signed their contract, and have paid their deposit.

Discount Levels

The following discounts apply to groups of homeowners from the same subdivision or area each signing a contract for solar installation as per the rules above:

  • 3 homeowners-$500 discount per homeowner
  • 4-5 homeowners-$750 discount per homeowner
  • 6-10 homeowners-$1000 discount per homeowner
  • 11-15 homeowners-$1250 discount per homeowner
  • 16-20 homeowners-$1500 discount per homeowner
  • 21-25 homeowners-$1750 discount per homeowner
  • 26 and more homeowners-$2000 discount per homeowner

Maximum discount is $2000 per homeowner with 26 or more homeowners signing contracts for solar installations with Energy Solution Providers.

Current Group Discount Areas

If you see your town, city, or subdivision in this list please add it to the form below to the Group Area input area. If you don’t see town, city, or subdivision listed you may start a new area and we will add it to our list of Group Discount Areas.

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Group Discount Submission

  • Setting up a group for your sub-division or becoming part of a group is simple and allows each member that signs their contract to receive a $500 discount or more on the cost of the energy installation. There needs to be a minimum of 3 households participating in energy installations for each member of the group to receive their discount.